10 am: Gathering at the Bard

WHEN: Sunday 20 May, 10 am-12 pm
WHERE: Corangamite Shire Civic Centre, 181 Manifold Street, Camperdown

Through song, history, poem and melody we invite you to gather with us to celebrate the life and character of Robert Burns.
The concert will be held around The Bard himself, in the Corangamite Shire Council foyer.

Little Fire (aka Jamie McGeechan: ambassador to the World Federation of Burn’s Societies is the festival’s special guest this year.
Little Fire will be performing a selection of his favourite Burns work, uniquely interpreted. His musicianship and wealth of knowledge will give us fresh insight into The Bard’s impact, past and present, on the world stage.

TrìGuthan:Three voices; the most ancient of instruments. Three instruments; of wood, skin and silver

Michelle Benjamin: a colourful, powerful voice steeped in the Jazz Tradition, she brings that depth into the Celtic Oral Tradition.

Don Grieve: a dynamic, rich vocalist drawing from the Oral Tradition of his native Scotland, with rhythm guitar underlay.

Angela Preiss: complementing, harmonic voice and instrumentalist, bringing flute, whistle and harp into the elements of three.

A bodhran and vocal feature will set the scene, taking us back in time with Scots  Wha’ Hae”.

Renowned small pipes player Merran Moir will also play a few tunes for The Bard, creating an atmosphere
of mystery and magic as the pipes, with Merran’s touch, always delight. 

Andrew O’Flynn will bring to life Burn’s poetry through his engaging, vivid recitations.
This year he’s prepared that wonderful anthem, “A Man’s A Man for A’ That” as well as “To a Mouse” & “Holy Willie’s Prayer”.

Free entry.